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Rocking Rose Dance Group
The Rocking Rose Dance Group have been operating since 2003 in the 16th and 17th dictricts of Budapest. The aim of the group is to acquire and make audience learn the Hungarian and gentilic dancing tradition of Carpathian Basin. In addition, the group is able to stage choreographies that combine the traditional formlanguage of Hungarian folk dance with the moving world of modern dances as well as newer music sounds.Their effor is not only keeping the tradition but showing direction to future generations in the field of explanation of tradition.

The group expect to join the ones
- who want to learn the original Hungarian folk dances in frame of dance-training in a progressing system
- who are curious how the form-world of the Hungarian folk dance can put up with the way of expression of modern dances
who want to lose oneselves in our culture on the way appointed by Zoltán Kodály and Béla Bartók
- and also want to join a good team.

Furthermore, the followings form an integral part of the education:
- stage performances
- taking part at contents
- learning singing
- visiting dance houses
- summer folk dance, training and knowledge of native home camps.

We undertake performances at company and other meetings, balls, arrange dance houses at request. Our program blocks consist of 5 to 60-minute performances.

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