For a pedagogist is means a great challenge but a nice and responsible task to let people know the Hungarian folk dance as widely as possible.

A question might arise: Why should you know a culture, a way of life that has even no a track in the 21th century?

The question is, however, wrong - approaching from another aspect - the "folk" have always existed and even existing in our consuming world. There are believes and superstitions even today. there are still habits giving a rythm to life. It is still the folk who codify fashion, clothing, housing, social relationship, music and other trends. And moving culture as well.

Today's folk's dance can be found in the world of discos and parties, but if you look around carefully, you may realise that this kind of culture and the way of thinking behind it seems to be globally equal.

New generations are growing into a mass culture showing its face anywhere in the world. The thrashold of stimulus is so high in our daily routines that we glide sketchily and easily past everything that is different to the ones we have been used to having, or, it is not so shrill and assertive to realise it.

The approach of an intelligent and demanding person, however, must be different! Task of teachers nowadays is to get weaker counteraction over and make people discover that the way of real enrichment is something different.

Growing generations should be thaught - often even adults - that they have to be able to devote spirit as well as will-power to really valuable things. By this kind of effort and a manifested maximalism against ourselves can personality, behaviour, taste and improved quality of relationship between people be formed.

In my belief, this is the task to be fulfilled by teaching folk dance. I might say, of course that: moving coordination, sense of rythm, speed-up of time reaction, resistibility of learning difficulties, attention sharing skills, active moving, nursing of culture, identity notion, improvement of forming relationship, harmonised body shape, aesthetic education etc. Yes! Of course! Folk danc - as other moving cultures - is suitable for all of the above.

But, the most important is: folk dance is proper for valuing many things which are thought to be old - in the contrary - they are timeless! Folk dance makes you nice and happy. Folk dance can arm you.

Anna Gordos

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